Pastors Elders & Overseers

Don & Becki Vess

Lead Pastors

Meet Pastors Donald and Becki Vess, the visionary leaders behind Destiny City Church since its establishment in 2010. With a collective ministry experience spanning over 50 years, they bring an unwavering passion for Jesus Christ and a profound love for people, grounded in a steadfast commitment to shepherding God's flock. Pastor Don is a fervent preacher dedicated to discipleship and sharing the transformative truth of God’s Word. Together with his wife, Becki, they founded Destiny City Church—a ministry devoted to guiding others in discovering and fulfilling their God-given destinies, ultimately aiming for the transformation of all into the likeness of Jesus Christ. On a personal note, both Don and Becki exemplify kindness and love, making them two of the most warm-hearted individuals you'll ever encounter.

Jamie  & Tara Kayali

Student & Family Ministries Pastors

Meet Pastors Jamie and Tara Kayali, the dynamic duo serving as pastors for student and family ministries. Driven by an immense passion for teenagers, their overarching mission is to impart the teachings and principles of God's Word. Their goal is to nurture strong families, empowered by the Holy Spirit and enveloped in the love of Jesus Christ. Jamie and Tara are not only incredibly hardworking and intelligent but also exude kindness and warmth, extending love to everyone they encounter. Their commitment to building a community rooted in faith and love is evident in every aspect of their ministry.

Jade & Katie Leslie

Dean of Students Impact School of Ministry / Discipleship Pastors

Meet Pastor Jade Leslie, the Dean of Students at Impact School of Ministry. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Jade and his wife have been dedicated contributors to ministry at Destiny City Church for several years. Their shared passion revolves around reaching the lost and witnessing their transformation into devoted disciples firmly grounded in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Jade takes the lead at the Impact School of Ministry, while his wife, Katie, oversees Destiny City Church's discipleship ministry. In this role, they work tirelessly, engaging individuals on a personal level and teaching dynamic group classes to cultivate a deep understanding of the Word. Through their commitment and leadership, Jade and Katie are instrumental in fostering a community that is not only educated in faith but also empowered to spread the teachings of Jesus Christ and become activated in the gifts and power of The Holy Spirit. Katie also consistently contributes to the praise team, embodying a worshipful life through both her lifestyle and expressive praise.

Chris Kent

Children’s Pastor

Meet Chris Kent, the Children’s Pastor at Destiny City Church. With a heartfelt passion, Pastor Chris is dedicated to guiding children into the knowledge and truths of the kingdom of God. Known for his gentle demeanor and caring nature, he fosters a wonderful environment where children can explore and understand God's love, grace, and power. Through his nurturing approach, Pastor Chris plays a crucial role in shaping a foundation of faith for the youngest members of the Destiny City Church community.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Chris, alongside his wife Deborah, is an active and generous presence in the community. They own a hotdog stand located in the parking lot of Marshalls in Salisbury, North Carolina, where they generously invest their time, talent, and effort. Their commitment extends beyond the church walls, making a positive impact in the broader community they serve.

Chuck & Janice White


Meet Pastors Chuck and Janice White. Pastor Chuck is a dedicated elder at Destiny City Church, while Janice is a valuable member of the leadership team; collectively providing wisdom and guidance for the direction of the church. Together, they lead a Connect group that gathers weekly, fostering a close-knit community within Destiny City Church.

Beyond their roles as pastors, Chuck and Janice are remarkable evangelists and teachers, proficient in understanding and utilizing the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their dynamic leadership contributes significantly to the spiritual growth and vibrancy of Destiny City Church.

Lydia Heglar

Elder/Volunteer Coordinator 

Meet Lydia Hagler, an esteemed elder at Destiny City Church. Leading the Foundations Class, fondly known as the Purple Book, every Sunday morning, Lydia has a heartfelt mission to witness people being discipled and flourishing in their unique gifts. With astute oversight and wisdom, Lydia plays a vital role in providing guidance for the church. Her commitment to nurturing spiritual growth and fostering a supportive community makes her an invaluable asset to Destiny City Church.  Lydia also serves as a volunteer coordinator helping to discover the volunteer needs of our various programs and assist the leaders of those programs in filling the volunteer positions. 

Eydie Quillin

Elder/Prayer Ministries Director

Introducing Eydie Quillin, an esteemed elder at Destiny City Church, where she imparts wisdom and guidance to the community. Leading the Monday afternoon women’s prayer group known as the War Room, Eydie carries a distinct anointing for intercession, offering a powerful covering of prayer. Her invaluable contributions make her a cherished and vital team member at our church. Eydie's commitment to prayer and spiritual support enriches the spiritual fabric of Destiny City Church.

Jeremy & Jessica Vess

Elder/Creative Ministries Director/Worship Leaders

Jeremy Vess, the Creative Ministries Director and Praise/Worship Leader at Destiny City Church, is a dedicated force behind the scenes. With a mission to equip the people of God for their callings and purpose, Jeremy collaborates across every department, ensuring the church operates smoothly and efficiently. His deep love for Jesus is evident in his passionate pursuit to see the people of God come alive in their unique gifts and callings. Through his multifaceted role, Jeremy strives to create an environment where faith flourishes and individuals are empowered to fulfill their divine destinies.   He also serves as an elder for Destiny City Church.

Jessica is a dedicated member of the leadership team at Destiny City Church. In addition to her leadership role, she takes center stage as a worship leader with the praise team. Jessica is deeply involved in the women's ministries, playing a key role in creating opportunities for fellowship and gatherings. Her passion lies in fostering relational connections among the women of Destiny City Church, creating a vibrant and supportive community. Jessica's multifaceted contributions significantly enhance the spiritual and communal life of the church.