Wednesday evening
Family Connect & DISCIPLESHIP

Wednesday evenings are a great time to get connected and grow in your faith!

Adults Bible Study

 Pastor Janice White heads up our mid-week pick me up and discipleship bible  study.  
Come join in the conversation and learn more about your authority in Christ.  

Rooted Youth

Pastors Jamie & Tara Kayali head up an amazingly fun time during DCC Youth Group Meetings and Outings!


Childcare is available and we have a class for 4-12 yr olds


For new believers & for anyone wanting a solid foundation on Biblical truth.

The Purple Book Class

What exactly is The Purple Book??  The Purple Book is a Bible study guide designed to help believers know and apply the essential beliefs of Christianity. From students and scholars to parents, kids, rock stars, and professional athletes, people all over the world are doing The Purple Book. It gives new believers and longtime followers of Jesus the foundation they need to grow strong in the Christian life.

As you work through these 54 short lessons of about 15 minutes each, you will understand foundational truths that God wants you to hear on topics such as sin, salvation, spiritual gifts, prayer, worship, generosity, and evangelism.  Gain a solid foundation the enemy cannot dismantle—and a heart shaped by knowledge of God's Word.  

Meets Sunday Mornings 9:30 am at DCC.  Led by Lydia Heglar. 

Discipleship Evangelism

The Lord never told us to make converts. He called us to make disciples. It is not true that some people are called just to have their sins forgiven and others to become disciples. Being a disciple is God’s plan for every Christian. There is only one instance in all of the New Testament where believers are called Christians. “Disciple” or “disciples,” used 569 times in the New Testament, are the names attached to those who truly believed in Jesus. The Lord intended for us to produce disciples.

Do you want to fulfill the Great commission but wonder how? Then take  the Discipleship Evangelism course.  

Meets  Wednesday Evenings 6:30 pm at DCC.  Led by Janice White.