Welcome to Destiny City Church!

If you're new to Destiny City Church we hope you feel welcomed. We also hope you find a sense of belonging and purpose as you begin to find and fulfill your God-given destiny!  

Upon entering our church you'll be greeted by some friendly faces at the door who will present you with a welcome packet if you are a first time guest, or as we like to say, our VIP. 

Please fill out the VIP card and return it to our Connect Center for a free Destiny City Church t-shirt!

We offer several classes and an array of Connect Groups to help you grow in your walk with Christ.  These classes and Connect Groups are designed to build a solid foundation in your faith and to challenge you to step out in to your gifts and callings as well as make new friends and lasting relationships.   

Ask someone at our Connect Center how you can get plugged in to our classes and Connect Groups and then watch as God transforms you by the power of His Word and the leading of His Holy Spirit!  

Welcome to Destiny City Church!

A Church for The Whole Family

Here at Destiny City Church we desire to see the whole family grow in their knowledge of Jesus Christ and their spiritual gifts.  We long to see all families become whole and transformed by the power of God.  

We also desire to have fun and part of that includes the play-land that came with our church building!  

Feel free to bring your children and after they have checked-in and signed a waiver; allow them to have fun in the play-land before and after our services.  Please keep a watchful eye on your child to ensure their safety.