Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance. 


Equipping the people of God for Impact in Ministry.

Impact School of Ministry desires to see all believers activating their faith for global impact.

We are a school of ministry designed to equip the disciple of Jesus Christ  for the work of the ministry. Earn up to a doctorate without leaving your work, your family or your home!   Impact School of Ministry exists to equip and deploy passionate disciples of Christ who boldly pursue worldwide transformation through their God-given spheres of influence.

Impact School of Ministry is partnered with CLST Global to provide an excellent Christian education

CLST Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides leadership and educational resources to train church leaders, pastors, missionaries and evangelists in local churches and communities. The staff of CLST Global provides educational resources to members of the Christian Life Educator’s Network (CLEN), a nonprofit community of churches and organizations that operate Bible and Theology schools.

CLST Global strives to be the premier global provider of Christian higher education programs and resources.  Their mission is to provide the best Bible, theology, ministry and leadership training resources; thereby offering quality, flexible and affordable education to students and schools globally.

  • Quality. A commitment to providing the very best Christian higher education resources and programs from the best instructors.
  • Flexibility. A commitment to provide customizable education solutions for every local church, ministry and student.
  • Affordability. A commitment to keeping costs low while providing a source of funding for participating programs.



Every third week of the month we meet for our 10 hour class
Each class is broken up into three class times over the course of three days.  

Thursday 6-9 pm
Friday 6-9 pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

One-Time Registration Fee  of $50 
Classes are $165 per class
Class Auditing is $50 per class

At the end of each class there is an open book take home exam that each student has 14 days to complete and turn in to our school administrator.  The tests are then sent off and graded.
Most classes are pre-recorded video, but live classes with in-person instruction does occur.

(If a student is inactive for 6 months they  must re-register) 

impact school of ministry courses 


January 19-21
NT 560 Paul: The Man
January 19-21. NT 560 Paul: The Man - Dr. Ronald E. Cottle This is part one of a two-part study of the life, conversion and travels of the Apostle Paul based upon the biblical evidence from Acts and certain Epistles. It includes an analysis and overview of several of Paul's letters studied chronologically. Textbook: - Paul The Apostle Author - Robert E. Picirilli ISBN: 978-0-8024-6325-8
February 16-18
OT 529 The Twenty-Third Psalm: Times of David
February 16-18,OT 529 The Twenty-Third Psalm: Times of David - Dr. Alvis Harthern This course analyzes in full detail the Twenty-third Psalm. In addition, events in the times of David and additional writings of David are submitted as the basis for his including each idea in this Psalm. Textbook: My Times Are In His Hands Author - Dr. Alvis Harthern PDF Only, We will Have to Print This Bookfor those who want the printed edition.
March 16-18
HT 530 Our Full Gospel Heritage
This course will provide a general overview of the history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements, focusing on major events and issues within the movements and on the lives of certain influential people, such as Charles Parham, William Seymour, Smith Wigglesworth, C. H. Mason, William Branham, Oral Roberts and A. A. Allen are studied. Textbook: Full Gospel Heritage -Jefferson Thompson PDF Only, We will need to Print this book for those wanting printed edition.
April 20-22
IS 101 Just Who Do You Think You Are?
April 20-22, IS 101 Just Who Do You Think You Are? Ken Koontz Textbook: Just Who Do You Think You Are Author Rev. Ken Koontz ISBN # 974-0-9886583-6-3
May 18-20
CC542: The Theology of Biblical Freedom
May 18-20 , CC542: The Theology of Biblical Freedom - Dr. Michael Sedle The foundations of biblical freedom. What does freedom mean for a Christian? Barriers to freedom. Develop a personal plan for walking in freedom throughout our lives. Textbook: This Day We Fight!- Francis Frangipane ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9780800794910
June 15-17
PT 320: The Practice and Function of the Fivefold Ministry
June 15-17, PT 320: The Practice and Function of the Fivefold Ministry - Mr. Harold Eberle A thorough study of the fivefold ministry and how it functions in the present day Church. Textbook: - The Complete Wineskin Harold Eberle ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1882523023
July 20-22
BT 305: Creation: Our Foundation I
July 20-22, BT 305: Creation: Our Foundation I - Dr. Grady McMurtry Introduction to the scientific method and a survey of the basic concepts of the biological, natural and physical sciences with related questions which confront the biblical Christian worldview. Topics include scientific creationism, theistic evolution, Mt. St. Helens, physical evidences for Noah's Flood, dinosaurs, geochronometers and the origin of the races. Textbook:- The Collapse of Evolution- Scott M. Huse ISBN - 9780801057748
August 17-19
HT 608 The Nature and Dynamics of Revival
August 17-19, HT 608 The Nature and Dynamics of Revival - Dr. John Shiver (HT608) Overview of revival throughout the history of the Church. Examines revival from the following perspectives: Church history as it relates to times of revival, a definition of what historical revival is, the necessity of revival in the Church, the dynamics of revival when it comes, and what the Church must do to cooperate with the revival that God is seeking to send in our generation. Textbook: - Revival Glory - Dr. John Shiver ASIN ‏ : ‎ B003X8B1QI
September 21-23
NT 670 the Book of Jude
September 21-23, NT 670 the Book of Jude - Dr. Mark Allen An exegetical and study of the Book of Jude. We search out its richness of meaning by an examination of the original language, historical backgrounds, and parallel passages. Textbook: Jude (The Acts Of The Apostates) S. Maxwell Coder ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0802420657
October 19-21
OT 542: The Book of Proverbs
October 19-21, OT 542: The Book of Proverbs - Dr. Charles Gaulden (OT542) An in-depth analysis of selected Proverbs. In this course we will study Solomon's aphorisms as a guide to practical and successful living that enriches and brings glory to God. Textbook: - Proverbs: An Introduction and Commentary Derek Kidner ISBN - 9780830829392
November 16-18
PT 201: Preaching I
November 16-18 , PT 201: Preaching I - Dr. Ronald E. Cottle The development of skills and resources for effective biblical preaching. Students will be exposed to various methods of sermon preparation and delivery, such as expository, topical, textual and narrative preaching. Textbook: Making A Difference in Preaching - Haddon W. Robinson ASIN ‏ : ‎ B006N4MT2Y

A Partnership with CLST Global

Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLSTG) has an extensive catalog of courses that can help you as the student develop the track you desire for ministry.  Founded in 1983, Christian Life School of Theology Global (CLSTG) is a world leader in theological and leadership education providing online degree and certificate programs and customized Christian higher education solutions for churches, ministries and other organizations.

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Chancellor of School: Dr. Don Vess
Dean of Students: Jade Leslie
Administrator: Karen Allen
Assistant Chancellor: Dr. Jeremy Vess