DC Fire Starters Sunday School

Sunday Mornings 9:30 am

Destiny City's Fire-Starters Class is an on-going Sunday School intended to ignite a fire in your heart that burns for Jesus and consumes the world around us.  

John Wesley once said, "if a man will set himself on fire with God's word and presence, people will come to watch him burn.

This class is intended to create a revival culture here at Destiny City Church. In it you'll learn how to burn with passion for God as you experience His passion for you; walk in your God-given identity & purpose; and experience the power to heal the sick, prophesy, and live a victorious life. This class is continuous so you can jump in any time!

DC Firestarters focuses on the foundational Kingdom core values of a true modern-day revivalist representing God: Pursuing passion, purpose, and power.

Throughout the course curriculum, the primary focus of Firestarters will be to help you encounter the passion of the Father, demonstrated in signs and wonders, miracles, healing, and prophetic insights that propel you towards your destiny as a modern-day revivalist.

The goal of a Firestarter is to be motivated to live from passion versus performance or obligation, directed by purpose lived out through our God-given identity and destiny, and fueled by power expressed through purity, prayer, the prophetic, and healing.

Our prayer is that you would be activated into new levels of Kingdom passion, purpose, and power, becoming a wild fire that would burn through your family, church, and community!

Hosted by Denise Koontz at Destiny City Church Every Sunday Morning at 9:30 am.